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Gibraltar wins Miss World crown - 2009

Gibraltar wins Miss World crown

Miss Gibraltar has been crowned Miss World 2009, outshining 111 other hopefuls at a glittering ceremony with a distinctly African flavour.


"Thank you South Africa, this is the most wonderful moment of my life," said a tearful Kianae Aldorino, a 22-year-old human resources clerk.

Confetti rained down on the stage as the beauty from the tiny British territory of fewer than 30,000 people accepted the crown in South Africa.

Mexico's Perla Beltran was second, with South African entry Tatum Keshwar taking third place.

African drums, gumboot dancers, choirs and a local pop band performed during the pageant held in Midrand, north of Johannesburg.

The ceremony was broadcast to an estimated one billion viewers around the world.

Among the disappointed contestants was Miss England, a soldier dubbed Combat Barbie by the British media.

Lance Corporal Katrina Hodge, a 22-year-old who has served in Iraq, was granted leave from the military for the one-month tour of South Africa, where before the live broadcast the contestants competed in sports, a talent showcase and, of course, the swimsuit competition.

Miss India, Pooja Chopra, a hot favourite with the flag-waving international crowd, was eliminated in the top 16 after winning the Beauty with a Purpose title for her charity work.

India and Venezuela have produced the most Miss Worlds, with five titleholders each.

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now lets see where Gibraltar is :

Gibraltar is a self-governing British overseas territory located on the southern end of the Iberian Peninsula and Europe at the entrance of the Mediterranean overlooking the Strait of Gibraltar. The territory covers 6.843 square kilometres (2.642 sq mi) and shares a land border with Spain to the north. Gibraltar has historically been an important base for the British Armed Forces and is the site of a Royal Navy base.

According to the Jane's Country Risk Ratings 2008, which measures the stability of 235 countries, territories and political entities in the world, Gibraltar is the 5th most stable territory worldwide, and the highest ranked British territory. The ratings are based on five fundamental categories: political, social, economic, external and military and security.

The sovereignty of Gibraltar has been a major point of contention in Anglo-Spanish relations. Gibraltar was ceded by Spain to the Crown of Great Britain in perpetuity, under the 1713 Treaty of Utrecht, though Spain asserts a claim to the territory and seeks its return.The overwhelming majority of Gibraltarians strongly oppose this, along with any proposal of shared sovereignty.The British government has stated that it is committed to respecting the Gibraltarians' wishes.

Source : Wikipedia


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