Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Empty Egg (Nice Easter Story)

The Empty Egg

Eight-year-old Steven was mentally retarded and had many
health problems. His health appeared to be growing worse ever
daily. His teacher was concerned his classmates might stop
identifying with him and loving him as they became more aware
of his differences.

In April, the teacher asked the class to put together one
plastic Easter egg filled with a small object representing new
life in the Spring. Thinking Steven might not understand (and
not wanting to embarrass him), the teacher had each child
place their egg on her desk so that she could open each one
individually. She needn't have worried.

The first egg contained a tiny wild flower, which truly was an
indication of new life.

Next, came a rock and the teacher assumed the rock was
Steven's. Her reasoning was that rocks don't symbolize new
life and growth. But a little boy shouted from the back of the
room that the rock had moss on it, thereby showing new life.
The teacher agreed.

A butterfly flew out of the next egg and the little girl that
brought it bragged that the butterfly was hers, and how it had
came from a cocoon, symbolizing new life. The teacher agreed

The fourth egg was empty. The teacher knew this had to be
Steven's egg, and she nervously set it aside, hoping he
wouldn't notice.

As she began to pick up a different egg, Steven excitedly
announced that the empty egg was his! Hesitating, the teacher
replied, "But it's empty!"

"That's right," said Steven. "Just like Jesus' tomb was, and
that means new life for everyone!" The teacher was amazed at
Steven's insight and his love for Jesus.

Later on, at the end of the school year, Steven's condition
worsened and he died.

At his funeral, the children from his class each placed an
empty Easter egg among the flowers. Many of the adults at
Steven's funeral were puzzled by the appearance of all the
eggs, and the message Steven shared with his classmates was
shared again!

An empty tomb some two thousand years earlier gave Steven the
hope of a new life! Although the flowers were beautiful, it
was the empty eggs that shared the message of hope in Eternal
Life through Jesus Christ!

What a wonderful message to share this Easter with those you

"Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not
here; He is risen!"? Luke 24:5 NIV

~Author Unknown~


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