Thursday, January 29, 2009


There are many things that may turn off a particular woman but may be acceptable to another, while on a date. And then there are some dating mistakes that turn off all women alike, with equal strength. Here are top five dating mistakes that you don't want to commit if you want to see her again:

1. Asking her to pay
Women hate to be asked to pay for a date. More often than not, the gen x women themselves insist on going dutch these days but they consider it insulting to be asked to pay. So even if the date has been almost perfect till the bill landed on the table, asking her to pay has the potential to turn the evening upside down.

2. Complete lack of chivalry
Yes! It's true. Women love guys who open the doors for them and not only drop them home but also walk them up to their flat. And they hate guys who think ten times about dropping a woman even late in the night and grab the first drink that comes on the table. So, brush up on your chivalry quotient before you ask a real woman out on a date.

3. Your narcissistic and loud behavior
Do you order food you like without asking for her preferences? Do you keep yapping about how cool you are and how you have the perfect high powered job, car, family, home and so on instead of trying to get to know her better? Do you constantly show off you expensive possessions? Do you fuss about what you must eat and how you are served? If yes, you have painted yourself as a complete self centered narcissist who loves to show off. And women hate men who are so obsessed with themselves.

4. Bad listening skills
Conversation is a two-way process. She is here to chat up with you and not listen to a radio transmission about you where there is no space for her to contribute. So you better listen up to what she is saying, because she may be revealing the path to her heart. If you are talking and talking alone, you will miss the directions!

5. Being bitchy about your ex girlfriend
If you talk about your ex girlfriend/s in the negative light once too often and go on about where they went wrong, you will put your current date in danger. This is because women hate men who can't respect women and relationships. And anyway, your current date's point of view may not match with yours, in which case you will only ensure that she never meets you again. Which does not mean you go on praising your ex girlfriend; its best to avoid talking about her altogether.

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