Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Attack on 'Sirasa'

20 men had forcibly entered the Depanama, Pannipitiya MBC-MTV transmission station and set the Main Controlling Room (MCR) on fire after vandalizing the whole complex, according to media sources in the capital Colombo.

( Sirasa, MTV and Shakthi television )


Anonymous said...

Nice Job.
Hoda Vede sirasata.
Ohoma Gahala Madi Wanasalama Danna One

funny said...

hodama Hoda wade. Im very Happy if I could join with them I would destroy all the things lol hooooooooo

Oka karanna tibbe meeta kalin, Rate Minissu ekathu wela, Ohoma Kattiyak hari karapu eka lokuma loku deyak

Anonymous said...

I Think that democracy in the country should be up held first. this is a direct hit for freadom of speech.

shame on the people who did this

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