Monday, December 15, 2008

~~! ~~ Isn`t it strange ~~!~~

Isn't it strange how people meet
Sometimes in the craziest places,
Isn't it strange that they become friends
Without even seeing their faces?

Isn't it strange how a word or two
Can create a tear in your eye,
Isn't it strange that poetry
Does these things, but we wonder why?

Isn't it strange that although distant
A friendship can take root,
And isn't it strange that gentle words
Almost make problems mute?

Not often enough in life we find
Someone who can lift our heart,
Not often enough do we thank someone
For making our pulsing heart spark.

By sharing ourselves with each other
We can learn so very much,
And all we must do to succeed
Is somehow keep in touch.

Isn't it strange, though easy
We fail to take the time,
To express thoughts from our being
As a poet sets words to rhyme?

Wouldn't the world be better
If our thoughts we could somehow arrange,
To share our love with one another
So perplexing; isn't it strange?


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