Saturday, November 29, 2008

The healing power of the mind. Let me show you how

The healing power of the mind. Let me show you how

1) Admit and accept that you have an illness. (the hardest and most important step

You may think that I am absurd but life's problems are not solved by denying their existence.  Many people actually find it hard to admit to themselves they have an illness. The most important step you can take in healing would be to accept your present circumstance, but to positively expect that you can heal yourself using the powers of your mind and live life again.

2) Commit yourselves to it and take action

Seek treatment that suits you and do the necessary individual research on you illness like the diet you should be eating. Getting treatment lets you assume control over your life again. This lightens the feeling of helplessness; hence, you can think better and make the right and necessary decisions.

3) Take comfort in a Higher Power.

It would even better for your recovery if you seek comfort from you religion. It gives you the power and confidence in battling your illness.

The power of your mind can be used as a medicine or a poison. Stay in positive touch with your mind, and it becomes your medicine. On the contrary, neglect your mind, it becomes your poison.

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