Friday, October 10, 2008

check out your observation powers..

Let's check out your observation powers….
Go through the following pictures and follow the instructions properly

1) Delivery Man
The cartoon character depicted below represents a delivery man who is suspected of theft. Actually, he stole something from a company he's just visited. The security staff and the police didn't find anything on him or in the delivery van. What has he stolen?

2) Just red

How many "red" words are in the sentence below?

First of all , I would redefine the concept of the green synthesis , because I don't want to reduce this to an obvious statement and swear that black is white

8 words, 10 words, or 7 words

3) F's Effect
How many times does the letter F appear in the sentence below?

When I visited Phil, finches of Japan were flying around the flourishing bonsai placed on the left of the lounge's entry

4 words, 5 words, or 6 words
4) Coca-Cola
Read quickly the text in the small poster below. Do you notice something strange?

5) I love Rome...
Read quickly the sentence below. Do you notice anything incorrect
I love
Rome in the
the springtime.

6) Patterns

Compare the 2 spotted patterns below.
What have they in common ?

7) Ants reckoning
At first glance, guess which color ants are the most numerous :

8) Shapes
Compare the 2 images below (composed of 4 half discs).
What have they in common?

9) Ouch... out of the ring!
Sure, it is easy to draw 2 squares using all 8 dots of the illustration shown below... But can you delimit just one perfect square (the ring) by connecting all the dots together?

10) Hulk, hypertrophied G.I. or... ?
Can you complete correctly the rest of the drawing with your imagination? Try to make a coherent image using also your sense of humor...

11) Memory test
Spend a few moments (approx. 10-15 seconds) looking at the drawing below and try to remember it. Then hide the image, take a pencil and try to reproduce the pattern on a paper sheet..

12) Swiss cross

Can you find the cross (on the left) in the square below?

13) Mental math

Count MENTALLY the diagonal white dots and
determine their exact number:

14) Bermuda Triangle
Read attentively the article of the journal below and detect any incongruity!

15) Rapid math
Check your mental calculating speed: add up quickly the numbers listed below.
















1) 'The security staff couldn't find anything stolen IN the van, because the delivery man stole the ENTIRE van. Actually, he's specialized in delivery van theft. Look at his badge, the firm name doesn't square exactly with the corporate name featured on the van.' JJJJJ

2) Got it 8 isn't it ? this happens when our brain concentrates only on the single color red and neglects the other options but unfortunately it is wrong you have missed two more "red" words "red" define and "red"uce. JJ

3) Did you get 4 then you are absolutely wrong and probably you have missed the "f"s in 2 "of" the correct answer is 6. JJJJ

4) Are you a fan of Coca – Cola then it is time to check out this new brand of
Coca-Co d a JJJJJJ .

5) The word "the" has been repeated twice. JJJ


7) Not the blue ones they are all of equal number 16.

8) Both pictures contains an illusionary square and above that all the dark half circles are equal in size.

9) Sure this was an easy one.


11) did u draw A or B.

12) JJJJ

13) 23 dots did you count it manually or just count half the length as 11dots and as it is a regular cross so 2*11 + 1 the central dot.

14) If the Mulan disappeared and there were no survivors to testify what happened, how could the journalist report what the captain and crew did the night before.

15) GOT 4000 RIGHT JJJ : J
THE CORRECT answer is 3100. check again carefully especially when adding 10.


• You've found more than 9 right answers: you're simply a genius! We're kidding... You have just a high level of O-POWERS s
• You've found at least 9 right answers: well, you're on the right track...
• You've found less than 9 right answers: you absolutely have to train your sense of observation! Read more


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